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Unravelling Lemons
Unravelling Lemons
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Unravelling Lemons

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Unravelling Lemons, the daily drink supplement, utilizes Polly and Enzol’s German-patented, sugar-free, 4-stage fermentation process to allow the nutrients to be “unleashed" from the lemon, weakening the bonds and reducing the size of the molecules, so the polyphenols and enzymes are more bio-available and potent for the human body to absorb. Water is never added during the fermentation process. This is an intense style shot drink.

Polly & Enzol recommends that you take 8-10ml each day for basic maintenance, but increase the dose for special cases, such as when you feel under the weather or post-alcohol consumption when you feel sluggish. It can also be taken alongside a nutritious diet and fitness regime.

Organic lemon peel, seeds, fibers and juice are all used in the fermentation process - the result is a polyphenol, enzyme, and probiotic dense product.

Product Information:

  • Pack of 10 bottles
  • Start with 7-8mL a day with 300mL of liquids, can increase to maximum 50mL daily
  • Cleanse, fortify and beautify
  • 50mL

Ingredient List:

Whole Organic Lemon, fermentation hydrolysate, including polyphenols (micronutrients we get from certain plant-based food) & SPD-LIKE enzymes, olive fermentation hydrolysate