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A Fun Intimate Duo
A Fun Intimate Duo
A Fun Intimate Duo
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A Fun Intimate Duo

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Enjoy a fun and intimate Christmas with the DAME Fin and the BEST SELF Intimacy Deck. 

The DAME Fin is a small, versatile vibrator worn between the fingers to add stimulating vibration to touch. Fin’s optional tether, dual sensations, and three speeds allow you to choose your own adventure! Seamless to wear and easy to remove, Fin is great for foreplay, sex, or solo use.  

Product Information:

  • Water resistant
  • 3-Speed motor
  • Medical Grade Silicone
  • USB rechargeable
  • Easy to remove, switch, charge, please

The BEST SELF Intimacy Deck is comprised of 150 conversations for partners to connect in surprising ways.